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Theory of Arched Structures

This book contains an introduction, four parts (nine chapters), and an appendix. The first part “Strength” contains three chapters. Chapter 1 is devoted to fundamental methods of determining displacement of elastic structures in general accompanied by examples specifically for arches. Chapter 2 covers the analysis of three-hinged arches, while analysis of redundant arches is considered in Chap. 3; in these chapters a special attention is dedicated to the analysis of arched structures using influence lines. Second part “Stability” contains two chapters. Chapter 4 provides analytical methods of the stability of arches. These methods are based on the integration of differential equations. Chapter 5 presents Smirnov’s matrix method and approximate method. Approx- imate method is based on the approximation of the arch by straight members with subsequent application of the precise displacement method in canonical form. The third part, “Vibration” contains two chapters. Chapter 6 deals with compu- tation of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for arches. For analysis of the circular uniform arch, Lamb’s differential equation is used; for analysis of parabolic uniform arch the Rabinovich’s model is applied. The frequency of vibration for arches with different ratio “rise/span” of an arch are presented on the basis of this model. Chapter 7 presents forced vibrations of arches. The fourth part of the book, “Special Topics” holds the goal of presenting introductory information regarding problems which until now have only been discussed in specialized literature. Chapter 8 contains the static nonlinear problems. They are plastic analysis of the arches and arched structures with one-sided con- straints. Chapter 9 is devoted to dynamical stability of arches, and dynamics of arched structures subjected to moving inertial load. Finally, the appendix contains the fundamental tabulated data essential for engineering practice involving arches.



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