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A Global History of Architecture

What is a global history of architecture? There is, of course, no single answer, just as there is no single way to define words like global, history, and architecture. Nonetheless, these words are not completely open- ended, and they serve here as the vectors that have helped us construct the narratives of this volume. With this book, we hope to provoke discussion about these terms, and at the same time furnish a framework students can use to begin discussion in the classroom. This book is global in that it aspires to represent the history of the whole world. Whereas any such book must inevitably be selective about what it can and cannot include, we have attempted to represent a wide swath of the globe, in all its diversity. At the same time, for us, the global is not just a geographic construct that can be simply contrasted with the regional or local: the global is also a function of the human imagination, and one of the things we are very interested in is the manner in which local histories imagine the world. This book, however, is not about the sum of all local histories. Its mission is bound to the discipline of architecture, which requires us to see connections, tensions, and associations that transcend so-called local perspectives. In that respect, our narrative is only one of many possible narratives.



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